While content marketing, digital marketing, and social media are all buzzwords that have flooded in over the last few years, a marketing campaign needs much more than a posting schedule. Traditional brick-and-mortar stores, stalls in fairs or events, and even companies that only have an occasional physical presence need eye-catching custom signs to support their most recent campaigns.

Create a Cohesive Experience

Any marketing campaign traditional or otherwise must be consistent. If you’re running commercials on TV, streaming services, or even local radio channels, then you should have something in store as well. Additionally, if you’re advertising promotions on your website, they should be easy to identify when someone walks into your location. No one wants to see a special online and then not find the correlating sale when they get there.

If your campaign is promoting a particular product or service, then make it clear with promotional signage or wayfinding signs. Wayfinding signs, in particular, are excellent for retail locations. Having “Sale this way,” or “Follow the Arrows to Our Newest Products” can help new customers find their way around.

Target Your Audience and the Foot Traffic

While you, of course, want to speak directly to your target audience, don’t forget about your foot traffic. If you’re promoting a new beverage, sale, or store hours than you should alert the foot traffic nearby as well. Interested people wander into stores all the time to see what is available and get to know a new local spot.

Alert your foot traffic of current or upcoming promotions with an A-frame sign or window sign. Persuasive design and clever phrasing can pull in traffic that otherwise you wouldn’t have expected to enter your store.

Graphplex Offers Custom Signs Design and Creation Options

At Graphplex, we provide services for all variety of companies that need custom signs. From retail to municipalities, we’ve worked on projects big and small. Our custom sign process begins with designing. We know that having a cohesive brand and voice is critical for businesses.

Count on Graphplex to help you design custom signs that fit well with your brand and promote your latest marketing campaign. Our design experts will go into detail with you about what materials would work best for where you want the sign and how long you should expect your new signs to last. Marketing campaigns aren’t forever, so many campaigns given signs are less expensive as they are temporary.

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