LED signs work in favor of businesses ranging from bakeries to escape rooms and everything else with a physical business location. Digital signage can work inside and outside of your business location. This makes it appealing for a consistent signage display throughout your store.

Possibly the Most Cost-Effective Option

LEDs not only use less electricity but they are now cheaper and last longer than traditional lights. Th better materials that go into this type of lighting and the durable materials used in the signage allow business owners to expect their signs to last much longer than traditionally lit signs.

LED signs also allow business owners to have some level of customization when it comes to changing signs later. Because of their ability to change or update whenever necessary, they’re relevant and usable in every marketing campaigns.

Energy Efficient and Eco-Friendly

LED lights, in general, use far less energy and that lower energy consumption can change your energy budget over time. If you’re switching from a traditionally lighted signage display to an LED display, you’ll see almost immediate results in your electricity bill.

The great thing is that these lights aren’t just efficient; they’re also environmentally friendly. Because they consume less electricity, they produce fewer pollutants as CO2 is released whenever electricity is generated.

Low Maintenance and High Visibility

Even outdoor LED signs can hold up for months or years at a time. LEDs don’t burn out or shake loose as often as any other type of sign lighting. Typically they require much less maintenance or care, meaning less cleaning, fewer “bulb” changes, and more time to worry about everything else with your business.

Business locations often benefit from LED signs because of their high visibility. Unlike other types of lighting, LED lighting will cut through all variety of conditions such as early morning fog and rain. The bright lights outshine all other lighting methods.

Call GraphPlex for Your Custom Sign Designs

GraphPlex delivers a complete design process for LED signs, and more so you can access affordable signs that make a huge impact. You should expect your exterior or exterior facing signs to last for years with minimal maintenance, and LED signs to deliver just that. We can develop, design, create, and even install your sign to boost your brand and deliver outstanding appeal.


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