Many companies jump for outdoor or sales signs to get people in their store, but then they forget about the power of retail signs. These signs can have a substantial impact on getting people to walk in, but they can have a pretty big effect on conversions as well. Not everyone who walks in the door will buy something, but you can entice them to make purchases that they would otherwise hesitate on.

Dos and Don’ts of Indoor Retail Signs

There are clear aspects of signs that perform well, such as clear-cut or succinct messages. However, there is a lot of a grey area where you don’t have room to test boundaries. Given today’s climate, it’s best to avoid humor, especially that which might be offensive, sarcastic, or crude.

So do make sure that your sign is easy to see and read. Remember that fewer words may have a bigger impact. Another “does” is to be specific. When using retails signs within your store, use one or two keywords to make it very clear what the sign refers to.

Finally, don’t handle indoor signage as if it’s the only way to make a sale. Stacking signs or sticking signs up over the wrong products just to grab attention will not go over well.

Focus on the Sale

Walmart’s rollback signs are legendary because people immediately spot them as signs that acknowledge lowered prices. People feel like they’re getting a better price, and it’s no surprise that these signs still lead to fairly high conversion rates.

When designing your commercial signage, focus on the sale. Simple “Sale” signs might not be your cup of tea, and that’s great because a little creativity can go a long way. Instead, consider designing brand-specific sale signs that are eye-catching and help your customers feel like they’re part of something special.

Signs that read, “Stepping Out” for shoes is a playful way to acknowledge the sale. Of course, you should experiment with words or phrases that fit into your company’s voice.

Test Your Conversions

With signage, it can be difficult to test conversions. Use the technology resources you have available to track certain sale item’s performance with different signs. Then you can come to rely on the signs that seem to give the best results consistently.

When designing your signs, talk to a professional. GraphPlex works with many retailers throughout the area and provides consultations.


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