A rebranding is a huge project, and it is often the last effort to keep a business alive. Not only do you need to revitalize the inside of your store, but you need to do away with all the old signs and stands that don’t match your new brand image.

For retail stores, service stores, restaurants, and more, the brand starts from the street view of the building. With proper LED signs, you can let people know that you have a new image.

Why Worry About Exterior Signs

Exterior signs let people on the street level, and even drivers know who you are and what you do. Often when rebranding companies have realized that they’ve missed their target market or weren’t clear in their business branding initially. If you’re rebranding in the hope of getting more customers into your store, then you must change your exterior signs, or else no one will know that you’ve changed anything.

Your brand is the entire image, from outdoor signs to indoor displays, and online content. When you choose to rebrand, you have to hit on all of that element, but oftentimes, business owners will entirely forget the need to change their exterior signs.

How to Incorporate Rebranding Into Your LED Signs and Designs

Rebranding can go far beyond color changes. Use a new sign design to bring in some light with an LED sign, or choose shapes that stand out and support your new brand image. You do not have to choose simple letter cut signs for your building’s exterior. You can always choose to mix it up with customized and custom designed signs.

Call a Sign Design Company

When you start rebranding your company, you should consult with a custom sign design company such as GraphPlex. When you bring in the professionals, you begin to explore how to incorporate your new visual elements, brand colors, fonts, and more into your exterior signs.

GraphPlex understands that rebranding requires careful management of many moving parts and that your exterior signs are a small but vital part of that plan. Our design team helps build your LED signs into part of your strategy to ensure that they are as effective as possible while still fitting in with your business’s demeanor and values.  

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