You’re in the middle of opening your new location, maybe your first location, and signage just falls into the larger category of things to worry about. When deciding what to invest in now and what to worry about later, custom signage often falls by the wayside, and many budding businesses miss out on the unexpected benefits of having custom signs.

Choose Designs that Build Your Brand

Go beyond the bare minimum of an open and closed sign. Instead, opt for outdoor signs that light up with your company’s name. Then use retail signs for the store’s interior and exterior that build up your brand. Signs can convey messages, show consistency between logo and brand management.

Opt for Materials that Last Longer

It’s easy to choose less expensive materials; however, signs often have longer lifespans. It’s also worth evaluating broader language for signs so that the company can use interior sales signs more frequently. For example, choose to use phrasing such as “weekend sale” rather than “memorial day sale.”

As a new business, it can be difficult to pay for a new sign every time that you need one. But, choosing longer-lasting materials can help make signage an investment rather than a regular bill.

Signs Should Always Generate Sales

There is a general checklist for signs that you need when your business is growing, such as an outdoor building sign. That doesn’t mean that you need every “standard” sign just for the sake of it. When investing in custom signs, always focus on signs that generate sales.

Outdoor commercial signs grab attention from people on the street and can also help people find your store. Even directional signage, such as where to find the register, can help improve your sales and continue growing as it contributes to better customer experience. Work with a design team for your sign pack to ensure that your branding is consistent and creates a more pleasant experience for your customers.

Contact GraphPlex for All Your Sign Questions

GraphPlex serves many communities providing municipality signs, architectural signs, and signage for commercial properties as well. Not only can we help you design your signs to help build your company, but we can help you understand the demands of your city as well. Custom signs can often cause stutters in business growth when signs don’t comply with city building codes.

Our team will guide you through every step of designing and installing a custom sign. Contact GraphPlex now to start discussing your signage needs.

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