Signs and various other visual aspects of your business do need occasional updating. Often trends within your industry will cause people to overuse or abandon specific color schemes and graphic design preferences. Without a doubt, you can design eye-catching and memorable custom signs that will transcend trends with just a few simple tricks.

Select Colors for Response in Custom Signs

The go-to for customs sign design is to use the company’s preferred or branded color scheme. However, there is no clear commitment to creating every sign in only a few different colors. Instead, choose your sign’s base and text colors on the response you want.

Red is well-known for emergency pathways, while yellow marks areas to use caution. When you’re designing your commercial signage, get a little familiar with color psychology. Then decide what response you’re trying to achieve.

Also, consider factors such as what colors are present near custom signs. You wouldn’t want to put a red and yellow sign right next to a McDonald’s advertisement, it would get lost, and people would look past it.

Choose Easy-to-Read Fonts for Custom Signs

It doesn’t necessarily go without saying because people often choose fonts and typefaces, which they find visually appealing. However, a loopy script, while enticing, is not easy to read. Look for fonts that read as plainly as possible, and space the letters evenly.

When evaluating whether a font is easy to read, evaluate the distance that people will be at when they read the sign. If a sign is posted only a few feet away, then you may have more license to use decorative fonts than if the people reading the sign will be driving down the street at the same time.

Only Present Useful Elements in Your Custom Sign Design

For some companies, their logo is enough. Pepsi, for example, or Chase bank, don’t need to put their name on most things because people immediately recognize their logo. However, for many other companies and city offices, you need more than a logo.

Review what visual elements actually serve a function and make sure to include those in your sign design. When designing a custom design for a realtor, you might focus on including the image of their National Association of Realtors symbol.

After identifying the useful elements, you should consider removing the unnecessary. Consider removing elements that would be too small to read quickly, such as a full address. Always work with a professional when designing your sign to identify what is and is not useful for your business.

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