The risk with custom retail signage is that they often serve only one purpose. That means you’re pulling out specific signs for each holiday sale and storing them through the rest of the year. Skip the storage and design signs that you can use all year long.

Exterior Retail Signage

Your exterior signs will play a major role in attracting customers in off the street and helping people find your location. When considering the design for exterior signs, you’ll need to carefully ensure that the materials will last through all variety of weather conditions. Then consider design options that won’t easily become dated.

Exterior retail signs that communicate sales or specific information should be kept as general as possible. Essentially, you should advertise the date of a major event instead use language such as “All Weekend Sale” or “40% Off Select Items.” Keeping language vague will give you more space to work with your intended message and promote the intrigue of people passing by the store.

Interior Retail Signage

Signs for store departments, sections, or directional signs need to last all year and be easy to maintain. While many stores choose ceiling hung signage, there are fewer permanent signs that come into play in a retail shop. Use POP marketing displays to grab attention.

Sales, information, changes to management, and policies can be difficult to communicate through a sign because they all seem temporary. However, you can chisel down the message into something concrete and relevant through any holiday or major change.

Use designs to showcase changes in brand messaging or goals. Focus on images and symbols rather than announcing something lengthy such as, “Under New Ownership – Ask About Our Loyalty Program Transfer.” Instead, simply advertise your Loyalty Program with a small note that you honor the old program through a points-transfer option.

Contact GraphPlex

GraphPlex provides retail signage from design to installation. It’s an opportunity for you to ramp up your marketing and boost your sales. Ideally, you’ll have signs that send a meaningful message and don’t get stale. Retail signage shouldn’t just advertise your products, but your overall brand and message.

Contact GraphPlex for guidance on how to design effective signs that can make a substantial impact. We can help you choose images that showcase what your brand symbolizes or send clear-cut messages. Schedule a consultation to learn about options for timeless signs.

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