A business doesn’t always have a lot of license when it comes to grabbing attention at night. However, well-lit LED signs for business can pull in foot traffic off the street and help those who planned on going to the location find it.

But which lighting option is right for your company? Neon has a long history within the food and beverage industry, while other alternatives may be more reliable or economical.


Backlit channel letters or electric lighting for push-thru acrylic signs are a common choice among businesses. Not only are these lighting options reliable, but they’re easy to maintain. Not to mention that they’re bright and that eye-catching, which is the whole point of having a lit-up sign.

Electric signs will not usually run up your bill very high, given that there is some energy efficiency.

LED Signs for Business

The most energy-efficient option for sign lighting, however, is LEDs. These tiny bulbs have taken over because of their exceptional brilliance and marked ability to last for a very long time. When you pair longevity, brightness, and energy efficiency, it seems like the only reasonable choice.

LED signs for business usually use LED strips behind channel letters as it lights up the entirety of the sign without appearing to have independent bulbs or a strip. This type of commercial signage is more durable and safer than traditional neon.


Why is neon still around? It’s expensive and glass, but it’s a traditional form of lighting that come companies can’t part with even when they need to. Neon is not only on its way out, but it’s just not reasonable.


For businesses that have a large stand or side-of-the-building mounted sign, you might consider external lighting. Signs which are beautiful during the day can become lost at night. Opt for mounted or stationary floodlights to illuminate the sign either from above or below.

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