Beyond your speed limit and street signs, many cities forget about the need for municipality signs. You may have a standard-issue “Welcome to …” at your town’s entry points, but you can do better than that. Municipality custom signs can welcome people into your city and cultivate a sense of community.

Using signs in unexpected ways is becoming a trend among cities that are working to revitalize their communities. Anyone who steps out of their home should get the sense that your city government cares about the city and the people in it.

Benefits of Custom Signs

Custom signs go far beyond your standard issue. They allow any designer to have full control over the look, feel, and impact. For cities that could mean engraving or implementing the city logo, or slogan in areas that you wouldn’t otherwise expect.

It also means that cities have the opportunity to make their signs ADA compliant, have unique visual aspects, or even recognize specific people or places. Signs that have a custom design are also more eye-catching. Drivers and even people walking through town often look past speed limit signs and the traditional green or blue information signs. Why? Because they see them everywhere!

Instead, design a sign that stands out in a flattering way. Grab attention and direct it towards the many good things your community has going for the rich history of your town.

Monument Custom Signs

Wall signs and monument signs are rather standout when it comes to city design. Most cities don’t segment specific areas for signage, but that can change. These signs aren’t always huge, but instead, they should have a design that flatters and fits in with the area.

Near your city hall, it may be a large stone monument sign with regal lettering. However, outside of your library, you may want something a little downplayed. Monument signs can be simple. There are nearly endless options when it comes to these designs.

A monument sign is something that stands distinctly apart from the building, usually nearer the road, and is a structure on its own. Typically they require landscape construction from materials such as tile, stonework, or brick.

Directional Custom Signs

Can direction signs bud community involvement? Absolutely, because directional signs should not only help people know where to go but also deliver a boost of confidence. Have you ever read a sign and then stepped in the given direction with a bit of hesitancy? How about signs that don’t cater to specific communities such as the blind?

Directional signs should be inclusive, ADA compliant, and deliver confidence. To accomplish this, consider having larger, outdoor, directional signs. Use custom signs to clearly label areas of your city’s services for things such as the Town Hall, Court House, and where to report to for Jury Duty.

Having custom directional signs can help build community knowledge of where your primary buildings are, what’s in them, and how to confidently navigate through unknown areas of your town.

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