Not every sign goes on a wall, or in a yard. In fact, the installation of signage is as much a part of the job as design. Having a good design simply isn’t enough; you need to look at what options are best for installation and placement, including sign standoff.

Sign Standoff Options

A sign standoff is the standard for wall-mounting signs now. It often includes two or more screw systems where the sign will set between a front and back piece. They’re sturdy, can hold a substantial amount of weight and are fairly easy to change. These work best for banner signs, or signs that will stay in place for a long stretch of time.

The only thing that dissuades people from choosing a sign standoff is that it requires installation into the building itself.

Ceiling Mounted Signs

Hanging a sign from the ceiling is a great way to help guide people. Whether it’s wayfinding signs or labeling signs for areas of a store or restaurant, you want something which can easily be seen from a variety of angles.

Ceiling mounted signs do come with a variety of safety concerns though. Signs must be ADA compliant, must not reach a certain distance from the ground and more. If you’re looking for ceiling-mounted sign installations, always consult with a signage professional who can help explain some of the restrictions.

Standing Signs

Standing signs are the most popular option for events, and for temporary signage. Choose corrugated plastic signs that are easy to print and change regularly. Standing signs aren’t meant to last for an extended stretch of time.

Standing signs do require stands, most of which are metal, plastic, or wood. Sandwich sign stands are most frequently plastic or occasionally wood. Whereas waist-high or taller stands will likely be metal with a heavy base to prevent tipping.

Building Mounted Outdoor Signs

The signs on the exterior of buildings may use a variety of different installation methods. The main goal here is to ensure that the placement has a substantial impact. Exterior building signs must meet regular county codes, but they should also be quickly visible from a far distance.

For building-mounted signs, call in the professionals. Graphplex helps businesses design and install their signs with outstanding service. Contact Graphplex for a consultation.

Monument and Entry Signs

Monument signs can have a resounding impact. Not only do these signs play a major role in cities and retail centers, but they should boost the community as well. Materials play a substantial part in these signs and installation almost always requires collaboration with the city or county.

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