Grabbing traffic right off the street is becoming an impossible dream. Whether your business is a mom-and-pop storefront or a growing chain, it’s time that you started putting in the effort to impact the people right in front of you.

Explore Your Retail Signage Material Options

Outdoor signs need to work with materials that can withstand many seasons of rough weather. Many people choose to use reverse-lit channel letters or front-lit letters along with lightboxes, composite material panels, or cut acrylic.

There is a large variety of materials available. To find the best option for your business, consult a professional. Companies that design custom signs such as Graphplex help business owners all the decisions necessary for a high-quality and long-lasting sign.

The side of the building that the sign mounts on, the standard weather for your region, and regular sun-exposure can all play a role in choosing the right materials. Of course, every business owner wants materials that will look good for as long as possible. Unmaintained signs will hardly entice anyone to walk into your store.

Choose Custom Signs with Different Shapes

The standard square signs are good for some companies. Oddly shaped, or uniquely shaped signs might be a current trend, but even so, it’s a trend worth joining. The thing is that shaped signs catch people’s eye which makes them a great choice for any retail signage.

Instead of standard squared-off letters, design a single-piece sign that bubbles around your company’s name or logo. Designed signs that have a unique shape are not only memorable, but they’re immediately attention-grabbing.

These trendy approaches may not last forever. However, by the time that you need to replace your sign, you’ll have the opportunity to update its design. This updating and replacing cycle won’t happen often. But, even with proper maintenance, a sign won’t last forever.

Place Your Retail Signs Carefully

Unfortunately, you can’t just put a sign anywhere you, please. County and city ordinances often govern where a business can place an outdoor building sign. The idea that it will distract pedestrians and drivers has brought on many legal issues with this type of retail signage.

Broward County in Florida has a long list of prohibited signs, including projecting signs, trailer signs, and roof signs. Although with proper permits and zoning, you can have a massive variety of signs. Sign planning is part of the consultation process. Ultimately sign placement is about obtaining the proper permits and finding a location on your building that will bring in the most traffic.


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