Through the summer and fall, outdoor events are everywhere. Use these outdoor events to make an impact on your community, spread awareness of your brand, and help attendees find their way around with the help of a sign standoff – the parts used to hold your sign in place.


Brand Promotion


Even standard signs for your outdoor event should have your logo. However, you can work with a designer for custom signs to make your sign stand out in a memorable way. After the outdoor event, you want attendees to remember your services and seek out your business outside of these events. To do that, make sure that your logo, brand name, and contact information are clearly visible.




Do you need to guide guests to the right area for parking, or maybe to a major feature within the event? Wayfinding signs at outdoor events are a must. Use a-frames, or custom design and mounted corrugated plastic signs to help attendees find their way to restrooms, food booths, the parking area, and more.


Tips for Materials


Given that outdoor events are often for one-time events, they should be cost-effective and have a high impact. For most outdoor events, businesses will choose to use corrugated plastic. With this type of material, you have an economical way to print event-specific information without investing in a long-term sign. Additionally, this material is waterproof and holds up to sun damage as well. Also, don’t forget your sign standoff parts to make sure your signs stay in place.


Tips for Design


When it comes to design for outdoor events, you want something that will grab a ton of attention. Usually, that means a lot of white space, your contact information, and company logo. With a clear design, you can stand out while also delivering all the information you need to about your company.


Use bold graphics, colors that pop, and choose designs which fit the event theme. For more information, contact a full-service sign creator such as Graphplex. With a professional, you can create a custom sign design for maximum conversion.


Work with Professional Sign Designers


At Graphplex we help business owners, event centers, and cities with many different types of signage. Throughout our many years of experience, we’ve guided many clients through crafting eye-catching, informative, and effective signs for outdoor events.


Contact Graphplex now to learn more about the types of materials and what designs will work best for your company. We’ll help you consider aspects of the outdoor event, the audience that will be there, and more.

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