Sign maintenance is one of the things that many businesses forget about. Anywhere in the country, you’ll find that birds will nest, bugs will invade, and the sun will cause damage. However, given the time of the year, it may be near impossible to schedule maintenance. In areas with harsh winter conditions, it might be difficult to get a bucket truck or ladder out to your LED signs for business. In summer months it may be too hot for workers.


Your signs need maintenance, so be sure to schedule your repairs well ahead of time.


Issues with Birds and Insects


Birds and insects will acclimate to any outdoor signs. During the spring, it’s especially important to go through and remove last year’s nests. If you’re using wood signs, then you will likely want to ensure that pests don’t get into the wood itself. When pests get into wood signs, it can be difficult to repair the sign.


When insects get into LED signs for business, it often leads to needing a new sign. But with preventative maintenance, you can extend the life of your outdoor sign. Additionally, with birds, there is the issue of nesting and old nesting.


Taking down nests is another way to prevent further damage, poor sign appeal, and the other pests. A thorough cleaning can also help prevent both pests and birds.


Repairs and Damage Concerns


Although it’s not necessarily maintenance, damage concerns should be on your radar. Making repairs for cracks or frayed electrical wires can prevent further deterioration. During the spring, you should carefully go through your LED sign for business to make minor repairs because they become major issues.


Visibility and Foliage


Signs which aren’t visible or are near a lot of foliage will need regular maintenance. You may need to work with your city or the private property owner for your sign’s location. Scheduling tree maintenance can be an issue when you’re working with private property owners or a municipality because you may be on their schedule.


However, if you have control over your sign visibility, then you should schedule tree maintenance. Try to plan to clip back trees at times of the year which are best for the workers and the tree involved.


To learn more about the possible maintenance for your signs, contact us. Graphplex helps businesses and cities with all their signage needs. We’ll happily provide insight into the maintenance needs for your signs based on the sign material and the location.


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