Each different sign material works best in certain environments and for specific purposes. Learn more about some of the most popular materials used for businesses, municipalities, and retail signage before committing to a custom design.


One of the most common choices, acrylic or Plexiglas materials, is a glass substitute that is durable and transparent. Acrylic is usually the top choice for backlit signage, or for 3D lettering as it helps the lettering and images standout. Use the material for an upscale and vibrant look.


A modern choice that has baked-enamel options for those who need colored signs. Aluminum is durable and has corrosion-proof options. Usually aluminum is best for long-term signs, indoor or outdoor. Aluminum signs are most frequently seen in parking lots, and on fencing, or for traffic purposes.

Corrugated Plastic

Corrugated plastic, sometimes called Coro or Coroplast which is a specific manufacturer’s name, is best for yard signs. The material is waterproof and moderately durable. These signs won’t last for months, but they withstand a few weeks of sun and weather damage and still look great. Typically, these signs lay a role in real estate yard advertising, during elections, and for contractors.


Foamcore or foamboard usually is for indoor signs in lobby’s or at event centers where the sign is temporary. The material is lightweight, so it’s not suitable for outdoor wind conditions, although it is rigid. Many people choose Foamcore because of its price. It’s economical, especially if you’re looking for a cost-efficient way to spruce up a presentation or event.


MDO is the standard material for sandwich board signs, or for signs with a-frames. This material uses plyboard of medium density with an overlay of laminate and resin. It reinforces the board, which gives it a substantial boost in strength while still retaining its lightweight. MDO is also popular among construction sites, and for billboards.


Hyper-thin aluminum with a plastic core, ACL stands for aluminum composite material. These signs are durable, great for outdoor use. Business and retailer signage will often use this material for large post-and-panel wall displays or signs.

Work with Professions to Design Custom Business And Retail Signage

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