Aug 27, 2019

South Florida is a popular national destination for trade shows and conventions of all kinds. Venues from the Miami Beach Convention Center  to the similar sites in Broward and Palm Beach Counties host hundreds of events annually. We also send out representatives of local businesses and institutions to trade shows all over the country and the world. Hence, savvy South Florida custom sign makers have learned to meet the demand for trade show signage, coming and going. It’s a market segment with some special features.


The modern trade show is a deep link with history. Ever since human beings have been producing more than we needed for ourselves, we’ve headed for markets. Likewise, when we needed things we couldn’t produce for ourelves. We gathered to trade. Sometimes to weekly local markets, sometimes to annual (or less frequent) fairs. By the Middle Ages, annual trade fairs lasting a week or two were well established in Europe. Our present-day trade shows are different from these only in the details.

Trade shows, then and now, are competitive marketplaces. Vendors and exhibitors compete for the attentions of attendees. In some times and places, shouting or banging on gongs was the norm. Now, of course, we tend to be more restrained. But at all times and in all places, trade show signage played a big part in the struggle for success.


In order to work in the modern trade show environment, exhibitor signage has to do two things. First, it must grab the attention of the browsers. It has to do this while competitors’ signage is trying just as hard to do the same thing. But it has to do more than just grab the eye. It has to  hold the attention and excite the browsers’ interest. In short, it has to charm. To attract. To pre-dispose the show browser to what the exhibitor has on offer.

Trade show signage takes a number of forms. Banners are the workhorse of most exhibitor booths. The long-range artillery, so to speak, that projects presence far out into the hall. Tabletop and popup displays work the close-range duties. The experienced designer integrates these so as to pull show browsers in from afar and engage them personally, up close.  Size, shape, color, graphics, text, texture, motion – all tools in the custom sign designer’s inventory.


What do we want? Custom trade show signage! When do we want it? YESTERDAY! For some reason, orders for trade show signage tend to be placed late in the game. GraphPlex is used to this and knows how to make it happen. Exhibitors inbound to South Florida shows can order delivery to the venues. Outbound can pick up at our Hollywood signage facility or have us ship to their destination. We get it. After all, we’ve been trade show exhibitors ourselves.

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