Aug 26, 2019

In modern lives there’s rarely a moment when we’re not in range of signage. Various types of signs direct us, inform us, warn, offer, tempt, persuade, and inquire. Signage is ubiquitous. That is, it’s everywhere. Almost as though it were a natural part of the landscape. It isn’t, of course.

There are, to be sure, all kinds of signs. However, they all have something in common. Somebody made each one. The amazing variety of signs reflects the versatility of South Florida sign makers. Just look at the two most numerous types, wayfaring and business signs.


Street and highway signs, for example. Wayfaring signs tell us where we are, and where we’re going.Traffic signs regulate the vehicle and fott traffic. Places are named by public and residential monument signs. Sandblasted signage Is a classic for outdoor attractions and recreational sites. A world without the various types of wayfaring signs is hard to imagine.

Some wayfaring signage is strictly functional and standardized in design. U.S. Department of Transportation regulations set the parameters. On the local level, though, towns and cities can work with custom sign designers to create wayfaring signage with personality.


The business of business signs – is business. A storefront sign serves to identify the business and attract customers. It announces an offer. Widgets for sale here! Promotional signs add the forces of persuasion and temptation to the offer. Upgraded widgets for half price!

One big difference between wayfaring and business signage is the competion factor. A road sign saying that Miami is 35 miles distant doesn’t generally have any competition. You won’t see another sign next to it offering Miami for 15 miles off! The business signage environment, in contrast, is fiercely competitive. And crowded. The South Florida  business sign designer needs first to attract eyeballs. Then hold them. And finally deliver a winning offer. Size, shape, materials, illumination, color, text, and graphics all have to mesh in a standout whole.

Business being business, the other difference between wayfaring and business signage is in the bottom line. Businesses measure everything, to the penny. A business sign is an investment. It has to earn a return. Measuring the value of wayfaring signage, on the other hand, takes more savvy. How many drivers miss an exit for the casino due to poor signage? Research project?


A South Florida sign maker must combine art, technology, and flexibility. The subjective aspects of a town’s street signs, for example, are no less important than its technical specs.  Experience matters most. With 50 years of sign design, manufacture, and installation GraphPlex is the best type of  South Florida sign maker.





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