Aug 8, 2019

Custom signage. Who needs it? Retail businesses, cities, and building managers. Also schools, universites, and realtors, among others. Signage, after all, serves many purposes. Hence, the sheer variety of sign types and formats is dizzying. Should this complicate a search for the right Florida sign maker for a given project? Not really. It’s true, of course, that designers and manufacturers of custom signs have their particular strengths. Most, however, are fairly versatile. How, then, is a shopper to go about identifying the best sign maker for his needs? Let’s review some of the things a shopper should look for and ask about.


The world wide web and hi tech shipping have made it possible to order anything from anywhere. Thus, a shopper for custom signage might be wonder about location. “Should I choose a sign company near me?”

Other things being equal, the answer is certainly “yes”.  Some of the plusses a nearby signage maker offers over a web vendor are:

  • Familiarity with the local context in which the signage is to be installed
  • Customer access to the design team and workshop
  • Professional installation
  • Local customer references and testimonials
  • Federal, state and local regulatory compliance
  • Prompt on-site servicing


At GraphPlex, we know that an informed customer is a satisfied customer. We invite comparison with our competitors, local and online.  Only a full-service local company can provide the above list of advantages. Anyone shopping for a signage provider should, therefore, ask every prospect about each of these points. Drill right down to the smallest details.

A shopper should, to be sure, confirm that a prospective signage supplier has a grip on any special requirements for the project. For example, are the designers and installers experienced in the matter of braille signage regulations? Local restictions on  outdoor LED business signs? The Graphplex design team certainly is. Experience, and especially local experience, counts. Ask the others. And ask Graphplex.


After settling the matter of signage vendors’ capabilities and experience, what remains? Basically, the “how much” and the “when”. How much does custom signage cost? This, of course, depends on lots of things. Materials, sizing, formats – the list goes on. An experienced signage designer gets inside a clients’ needs and wishes. And then translates these to specifications. Specs, in turn, determine costs and timetables.


In comparing vendors, it’s valuable to let each one walk you through his estimating process. Quite apart from the dollar bottom line, the process itself reveals a lot about the provider. Thus. we at GraphPlex invite comparison with the others. That  is, with all sign companies from Miami through Ft. Lauderdale to the Palm Beaches. Because we win.

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