May 28, 2019

We do signage A to Z. Clients approach us with needs, and we deliver installed signage. The steps in between are sometimes few and simple. In other cases, the process is more involved. It depends on lots of different factors. The client, for example, may have a relatively free hand as far as design goes – or not.  In some cases, regulations and codes more or less design the signs. A client with latitude may have business goals he or she wants signage to serve. Or in contrast, a business, but with undefined purposes for the signage. Some people know they need the signage but don’t know exactly what they want it to do. Since we see each client as unique, there’s no “typical” way of getting signage done. What follows is a hypothetical scenario for informational purposes.



Before we fabricate signage, we get with our client and figure out just what it’s for. Signs have functions. Directing, informing, persuading, warning, and attracting are examples of signage functions. A sign is to serve a purpose. Or purposes. We, first of all, determine what these are. At this stage, we also define the boundaries our design team needs to work within. Factors like planned location, regulations, code, and lighting all impact the engineering and presentation choices. This is when permitting issues are researched and any required outreach planned. There’s nothing as valuable as experience where permitting is concerned. All in a day’s work for us.



With the purposes and boundaries defined, our design team goes to work. This is when the aesthetics get addressed. Materials, formats, typography, artwork – everything that goes into signage which is beautiful as well as functional. The design may go through a few rounds of modification before winning the approval of the client and other interested parties. Zoning boards, for example. Then, it’s on to the shop!



Our fabrication team works with the full spectrum of plastics, metals, and woods. We exploit our state-of-the-art computer technology for precision and versatility. Our tools and our team’s many years of experience assure output of the highest possible quality. Final inspections in the manufacturing facility are exacting and strict. We don’t tolerate or accept imperfections, howsoever tiny. After all, our products are out there for all the world to see.



Signs of brilliant design and perfect fabrication come to nothing if they’re not properly installed. Our installation team makes certain of full regulatory (state, local, federal) compliance before cleaning up and leaving the site.



Voila! A client need becomes a client asset. This is what we do, and have been doing these many years. Businesses of all kinds, municipalities, institutions – we’ve not yet encountered a client need we couldn’t meet in full.

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