May 21, 2019

Things are changing fast. E-commerce is going gangbusters. It’s almost pointless to quote the most recent figures for online’s share of consumer purchases. They’re probably out of date already. It’s obvious, of course, that the brick-and-mortar retail sector is in uncertain times. The Federal Reserve, though, has forecast overall growth of 4% for retail in 2019. It will, therefore, be a year of winners and losers in retail. Custom indoor signage is a tool many of the winners are exploiting in full.

Consumers take business signage seriously. A Fedex – Ketchum  Global Research study found plenty of evidence of this. Signage plays a major role in driving consumers’ buying decisions. It begins with 76% of consumers entering a store for the first time totally because of its signage. About 68% made at least one purchase because they were attracted by a sign. These are numbers that clearly speak in a loud voice to any store’s bottom line. In sum, signage matters for sales and profits. 



The Ketchum study found, moreover, that quality matters for signage. Over half of consumers said that poor quality signage had influenced them not to buy from a store. In fact, 68% said they felt the quality of a store’s signage is a reliable indicator of the store’s merchandise quality.

This is another thing, then that 2019’s retail winners will pay attention to. Signage can be a cost-effective promoter of sales. The cost difference for top quality signage should be a no-brainer.



Thus, the value of custom indoor signage for a business, as opposed to stock off-the-shelf, becomes clear. Custom signage reflecting a store’s ambiance and style announces product quality and “customer-centric” values. These drive purchase decisions, and also build the store’s brand and repeat business.

There’s another key marketing driver in custom indoor signage. As has been noted, things are changing fast. That applies to what goes on inside a retail business, too. About half of in-store purchases are spontaneous, unplanned. Sales, promotions, product rollouts, seasonal offers – all beg for supporting signage. In-store advertising.

Custom indoor signage for business can knit together a store’s rock–steady brand with a nimble, adapting, always-fresh offer. The more things change, the more they stay the same.  This is a winning formula for retail success in 2019.

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