Apr 26, 2019

Standoff screws are a simple yet effective way to add gravitas and oomph to a sign. The standoff mounting technique adds an elegant 3D effect to a sign’s appearance.  Standoff signage is a subtle enhancement. In fact, people don’t generally know why standoff signs look special, but they feel it.


Instead of attaching the sign flat on a wall, it stands off an inch from it. We do this with standoff screws. We sink these into the wall, with the screw shafts projecting an inch outside the wall surface. Then, we attach the sign to the standoffs, leaving a one-inch gap between the back side of the sign and the wall. The sign is literally projecting from the wall, creating a three-dimensional visual effect. We can enhance the effect with lighting to throw a shadow above, below, or to one side of the sign. Standoff mounting is often the best approach to logo signage, building directories, and art pieces.


Standoff mounting works nicely for most types of rigid signs. Materials such as aluminum, acrylic, and rigid plastics are perfect. A single standoff screw is obviously not by itself a secure attachment for a sign. A set of four to eight standoffs is, however, very strong, if properly placed. The standoff screws themselves become part of the presentation when a sign is made of transparent acrylic. Hence, they’re available in aesthetically pleasing finishes like anodized aluminum, chrome, and nickel.  There are two types of standoff mounts. Through-grips are the most popular. Signs are mounted these by holes drilled through the sign. In contrast, edge-grip standoff mounts attach to the edges of a sign, so it’s not necessary to drill holes in it.


When we put up standoff signage, the material the wall’s made of affects the way the job’s done. The number and placement of the standoff screws depend in part on the solidity and strength of the wall. The time our sign installers need to complete the work often does, too.

Some of the classic interior locations for standoff signage are in building lobbies and reception areas. Standoff sign mounts are suited to outdoor use as well. In fact, standoffs can be made more resistant to vandalism than are regular flush screw mounts. Available stud caps for the standoffs make tampering very difficult.

All-in-all, standoff signs are, simply, standouts. Standout signage from South Florida’s standout sign makers.


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