Mar 26, 2019

Light Emitting Diodes (LED) are literally changing the way we see the world. They combine energy efficiency, safety, and versatility in ways incandescent and fluorescent can’t touch. They’ve revolutionized outdoor and landscaping lighting.LEDs are everywhere. LED signage is roaring, too. There’s undeniably a lot to say about the appearance and impact of an LED sign. When they’re well designed and built, they’re stunning. Those, of course,  are qualities businesses have always sought in their signage. LED signs have another feature that’s no less important, though. LED signs mean business.


LED signs offer businesses the tool of dynamic content. The look and the message of an LED sign can change to serve different business goals. One LED sign, in fact, can actually be innumerable LED signs. An LED sign can be a blank slate. The business can then create and display any message it believes serves it best.

Moreover, the look and messaging of a business LED sign can be changed to appeal to different kinds of people. At different times of day, for example. Content tailored to rush hour adults, different messaging for afternoon teens. Dynamic content is a perfect way to announce sales and promotions, too. The opportunities, in fact, are nearly without limit.


As LED signs and dynamic content come in touch with the internet and smartphones, totally new kinds of marketing are possible. Business owners and managers can change their signs’ content remotely, 24/7. But that’s only the beginning, a baby step. Significantly, signs with built-in “beacon technology” have already made their debut. A business’s LED sign can change itself according to what it learns about nearby people! And, to be sure, a beacon can learn an awesome amount by interacting with those peoples’ smartphones. Imagine a business sign that “sees” you near it, and changes to offer you something you’re looking for at that very moment! Or promotes something that people like you are interested in. It’s almost scary.


Social media. We know people are attracted by businesses that have an enthusiastic community of customers. An LED sign can attract people to the business’s Facebook account, and also display posts and comments from the page.

Our “obsession” with our smartphones is a fact of life. Rather than trying (in vain!) to compete with the phone for its owner’s attention, why not work with it? By displaying QR codes that award discounts or provide wayfinding information. , an LED sign engages browsers and customers.


The LED revolution means that signage is coming alive. At GraphPlex we’ve always stayed ahead of the curve in our industry. We are now, too. The future looks bright. And colorful. And dynamic. LED business signs mean business, and so do we.



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